Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow monster

My parents just bought a condo by Lake Tahoe, a lake high up in the mountains, surrounded by ski resorts. (They love to ski.) I am excited because I've always dreamed about taking vacations to the snow with my dogs, but it's never worked out before. We went for one day yesterday, to pick up the keys and sign some documents, and Chimera had his first experience with snow.

He was clearly a bit confused the first time he stepped onto the shallow snow just off the driveway, but after a moment he had no problem walking on it and was happy to run around on the packed snow. He didn't like it when his feet fell through the deeper snow, understandably. He was game for climbing onto snowbanks if they held his weight, and enjoyed chewing on pieces of ice or packed snow, and pouncing on pieces that we tossed his way.

Of course I took many pictures! Click on any picture to see it in a bigger size.

It looks like Cai will enjoy taking trips up to the vacation home!


  1. Haha - omsqueeee! His tail is getting fluffier! Super cute. I'm moving to Montana very soon and I'm interested to see Elli's reaction to the powdery awfulness that is MT in the winter.

    1. Better get her used to wearing a coat now!