Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with the family

Chimera and I spent the weekend at my parents' home, celebrating Christmas together.

Success rate for peeing outside rather than in the house: 100%
Success rate for pooping outside: 60%

We've still got some work to do.

He kept jumping onto and putting his front paws on the coffee table. He also would mug us intensely for food if we sat down on the couches to snack. I don't usually set a boundary for climbing on me while I'm sitting, so this was difficult to dissuade.

When we watched TV he was very reactive to the sound of dogs or any metal clinking or jingling noises, since it sounds like dog tags.

It was raining almost the enitre time, with frequent periods of heavy rain. For the first day Cai was reluctant to go outside, but on the second day he was used to it, and would quickly go out, pee, and come back in.

I had expected him to want to play with and chew on the Christmas tree and ornaments, but he surprised me and ignored them for the most part.

Overall I thought he was well behaved for a "working" puppy who was underexercised due to the weather. (I did play fetch with him, run around the house with him, and give him training sessions, of course.)

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