Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rally-FrEe practice

The local freestyle club, Redwood Empire Doggy Dancers, is holding California's first Rally-FrEe trials tomorrow (one in the morning and the second in the afternoon). Chimera and I are entered in both, though we only need one more qualifying run to earn his novice title.

Today they hosted two WCFO freestyle trials, and a run-through at the end. I volunteered as the camera person during the freestyle runs, and brought Cai into the building for practice during breaks and the run-through. As has been the case recently, I was prepared for explosive reactivity and no focus, and instead I had a very, very good dog. There were minor incidents of growling or barking, but he was easily redirected. In the ring, he was focused 90% of the time (though with treats and personal play).

I would still prefer not to enter him into any trials yet, and do more proofing and fun ring time instead. However I couldn't pass up the opportunity to support the growth of Rally-FrEe! We'll do more fun matches afterwards to balance things out.