Cue Dictionary

Obedience-based Skills:
  • Sit (sit and stay)
  • Couche (lie down and stay)
  • Park (stand and stay)
  • Heel (left side heel)
  • Noga (right side heel)
  • Mark (look ahead at target)
  • ? (go out toward distant target) *not on cue yet
  • Hold (hold object in your mouth)
  • Find Mine (indicate object that smells like mine)

Freestyle/Rally-FrEe-based Skills:
  • Line Up (standing front)
  • Behind (standing behind)
  • Turn (reverse standing front) 
  • ? (reverse left heel) *not on cue yet
  • Beep Beep (back up)
  • Playbow
  • Left (counter-clockwise spin, to his left)
  • Right (clockwise spin, to his right)
  • Circle (clockwise circle around handler)
  • Counter (counter-clockwise circle around handler)
  • Olo (backwards counter-clockwise circle, from my left side)
  • Orbi (backwards clockwise circle, from my right side)
  • Thru (go through my legs)
Agility Skills:
  • Hup (jump)
  • Tunnel
  • Walk It (dog walk and a-frame)
  • Teeter Teeter
  • Weave
  • Around (go out toward object, circle it, and return)

Targeting Skills:
  • Touch (nose touch to physical object)
  • Here (nose touch to palm)
  • Chin (chin hold on open palm)
  • Bring It (pick up object and bring to hand)
  • Pull (take hold of object and pull backwards)
  • Hello (raise left front paw)
  • Wave (raise right front paw) 
  • ? (limp with front right paw) *not on cue yet
  • Feet (back feet on flat or slightly raised target)
  • Bottoms Up (back feet on vertical surface or high target)
  • ? (single back foot target to hand) *not on cue yet
  • Place (down-stay on mat) 
  • All In (all 4 feet within an object)

  • Pup pup pup! (come)
  • Free (leave position and move toward myself or obvious reward on ground) 
  • Wait (hold your position, don't go through a doorway) 
  • *mouth click (reward marker for food coming to you)
  • Git! (reward marker for food that will be tossed) 
  • ? (reward marker for eating food already on ground)
  • Tug Tug (reward marker for tug game, come to me to play tug, or I'm reaching for your toy to play tug)
  • Catch! (reward marker for tossed toy) *not sure about this one
  • Trade (drop what's in your mouth)
  • Get It (generalized "go towards it" or "interact with it")
  • Go On (generalized "interact with it")
  • Up (jump up into arms or onto something)
  • Down (get down from something)
  • Off (get down from something) 
  • Leave It (turn away from temptation and give eye contact) *not on cue yet
  • Meerkat (sit pretty/beg)
  • Dig Dig (dig with front paws) *not on cue yet
  • Woof! (speak)
  • Searching (find Nose Work scent)
  • Where is it? (indicate Nose Work scent with nose touch)

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