Saturday, December 15, 2012

Playmate and reactivity work

Yesterday evening Chimera and I visited a friend with a little chihuahua, and they raced around and around together for most of the three hour visit. They have a fancy house so I took him out every 20-30 minutes to make absolutely sure there wouldn't be any potty accidents, and it worked. Cai seems to understand the cue "go potty", as after I say it he starts to sniff around and squats soon after. He definitely has a preference to go outside on grass or dirt at this point. In fact, during the past three days we had no accidents at home! But then we had one this morning, darn.

This afternoon we went to the Oakland dog park in Joaquin Miller for the fourth time, and again there were plenty of big dogs but none in the small dog area. But the great part was a big reduction in Chimera's reactivity there. Even when tags jangled or dogs barked, he got stiff and stared but did not growl or bark. After letting him trot around and sniff for a while, we walked around to the front of the big dog area and were able to approach to about 20 feet away. Cai would watch them but was able to look back at me immediately if I called his name. We did some circle work and fronts and he had great focus.

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