Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Twenty inches

Chimera loves to greet and play with other dogs, especially other small dogs (even better if they're white and/or fluffy, like other Papillons). In agility class today, we did contact proofing exercises with one dog running the a-frame and the other on the dog walk, with white dividers making a solid wall between the two dogs. Cai saw that the chihuahua was on the other side of the wall. I cued him to run the dog walk, and then he kept going to get around the wall, going over a 20" double jump along the way. He only knocked down one of the bars. I was annoyed but impressed. The chihuahua was too interested in his owner's treats to care about Cai sniffing his butt.

Later he took an off course and jumped another 20", a single bar this time. He cleared it. What a cool dog.