Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This evening we had a visit from a friend who used to work as a groomer. I had her do some work with Chimera to get him used to the experience, even though I don't anticipate needing to take him to a professional groomer. I like leaving my Papillons' fur au naturel, even their fluffy butts and furry feet. We set him onto the chest freezer to mimic a grooming table. Marie spritzed him with the conditioner I use on him, and brushed him out thoroughly. Meanwhile I fed him turkey. The high-value turkey wasn't even really needed -- he was calmer for her than he is for me! Then she used a pair of scissors to mimic trimming, and he barely even acknowledged the noise or motion. Good boy!

We measured his height at the shoulders and it's about 10.5 inches.

We had no potty accidents today because Chimera consistently signaled to me when he needed to pee or poop. Thank goodness!!

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