Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Overview of recent adventures

Oops, it's been months since I last updated Chimera's blog! I've simply been too busy to keep up with logging all his adventures. During the past couple of months:

Cai and Jasper (my kitty) got check ups at the vet at the same time, and the tech and vet were both impressed by how well they got along.

Barney the French Bulldog came over to play for five days, and he and Cai rough housed almost nonstop, as usual.

Cai and I went over to Luz and Catriona's for dinner. I made him wear his belly band, which was a good thing because he lifted his leg on their curtains. Cai played with Sweet Pea and annoyed Nopalito.

He turned 2 years old on July 27th!

We went to Tahoe with Sarah and River and Owen. Cai still did not want to swim, but he did swim twice to get to the island in the middle of the pond we were all playing on.

I took him to a small dog playgroup a few times, and to a small dog park once. Cai still gets super excited (overly excited) about greeting other dogs (especially small dogs), but he is less interested in playing than he used to be. He still loves to chase and be chased, but he'll also spend a lot of time just sniffing and exploring. Sometimes he gets fixated on sticking his nose up a particular dog's butt (usually a female), and then I have to put him on leash to stop him. So I have decided to stop taking him to playgroups and dog parks. He's out of the puppy "play with everyone!" stage.

He spent a weekend with my parents while I did a petsit, and right now he's staying with them for three weeks again. He's following my mother around non-stop and jumping onto her lap every time she sits down. He's becoming a real lap dog. She's giving him walks twice a day. I'm happy that he's doing well, and happy that she has a little companion.

We went to a park with Sherry and Jacques to practice obedience and agility in an abandoned tennis court. Cai still freaks out if he hears tags jangling, but he's slowly continuing his progress in being less reactive at the sight of dogs. We also worked on his recall, and I can see his ability to focus improving.

We did a mini agility demo at Dodger's Paws to celebrate their re-opening after a move. Again I was impressed with his improved focus. It's all coming together!

This past Sunday we attended Paws in the Park, a fundraising fair for Valley Humane Society. I ran an agility ring and a rally-free ring and we did demos. Cai did perfectly in agility and did very well in rally-free (just a little distracted toward the end). My dad was there and took these cool photos of us! (The jumps are TDAA sized and I had them at 8" to make it easy for him in this distracting environment.)