Friday, December 28, 2012

Agility update

So much training happening lately that I can't even keep up with blogging it. For most of Chimera's meals, I put his raw meal into a food tube and make a big training session out it. (Big as in, lots of rewards, but we work on many different things for short periods each.) What we just worked on now:

Bermuda Triangle with 2 square wickets (criteria is he has to go through them) and 1 jump with just the bottom bar holding it together (it's about 4 inches up, I think). Helps with teaching sequencing, outside turns, lateral distance, and focus forward. He has almost no ability for lateral distance at the moment.

Sequence of straight line with wicket, jump, wicket. Will do all three in a row to get to the food tube at the end (race to reward).

Slightly curved line of wicket, wicket, mat. Last time this gave him trouble, but this time he was able to travel the curved line.

Set up "T" shape with Cai starting on his mat, me standing a few feet ahead, and the square wickets on either side of me. Mixed up releasing to my side, outside turn to one of the wickets, or front cross to one of the wickets. He was perfect!

One jump work -- decel, accel, post turn, sending out to wrap (only when facing jump from side, at this point). Tight turn work with standing right by standard, doing front cross as he hops over, and rewarding close to standard.

I've been practicing agility more than obedience, since the weekly class keeps me more motivated and I can think of more ways to practice the foundation skills with fun little twists. It's my first love, too. I wish there were a local positive obedience class I could attend, as then we'd be progressing in that just as quickly.

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