Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend in Tahoe

We spent the weekend at the condo in Tahoe. I brought along a new plastic buzzer which makes a "ding dong!" noise when Cai presses on it. He learned within a day that when he hits it, I come over and let him outside. He mostly used his new power for good rather than evil, though he did sometimes press it when he just wanted to eat some snow.

He wore his new Hurtta coat with a woven sweater underneath, and it kept him comfortable even when we were out for a log time. We didn't get a chance to go on a long walk in the snow like I'd hoped to, but we did walk to the grocery store with my mother and waited outside for her. The effects of his early socialization with me were apparent -- he was not bothered at all by the automatic doors or loud shopping carts, but he did growl and bark at a trio of loudly giggling teenage girls. Sigh.

Chimera was so well behaved this trip that it was like someone had slipped me a different dog. Sure, he still routinely stole things and marked on the new curtains, but he also started to give up on jumping onto the couch, did very little demand barking, and slept quietly in his crate when we left him home alone. I guess all the new sights, smells, etc wore him out.

My parents were very sweet with him and I got some nice pictures of them playing tug with him on my camera. I think I've attached some iPhone pictures to this post, too. (Using the Blogger app for the first time.)

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