Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Conformation class

Took the Monster to the Braveheart drop in conformation practice, and he blew me away with how focused and well-behaved he was! No reactivity when he came in (it helped that the other students all had small dogs), and he heeled happily next to me with only occassional "I wanna go play!!" lunging toward the Frenchies. He let Vicki check his teeth and touch him all over. He even held a down-stay while Vicki purposefully walked between us! Of course it helped that I was waving boiled chicken in his face the entire time, but even so he was watching my face and body more than staring at the chicken, and he was solidly in working mode for the second half of class. Go Monster!

The other students were very impressed with his behavior at just six months old, until Vicki blew my cover as a professional trainer. :P

After class he got to play with one of the Frenchies and had a blast out-running her, haha!

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