Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picture update

Chimera was very well-behaved when he visited my friends last week.
It's unusual to see him settle down when we're at someone else's home, especially right next to me -- although he's becoming more and more cuddly as he gets older.
I'm happy that he's used to traveling with me.
I want to have a dog I can take anywhere! (Once we're over the reactivity, of course... we're slowly making progress.)
He went on many hikes this week.
I actually prefer not to take him on group hikes, because then I can't work on his "OMG DOGS" reaction when we come across new dogs on the trail. Sometimes my schedule requires that I bring him along, though.
This morning my groomer friend trimmed his ear hair, to help his ears stand up properly. Compare these ears to the ones pictured up top!!
On Monday we will be visiting Sherry and Jacques and she will help me prop his ears up with moleskin so that they will grow into the proper shape.
Look at those Bambi eyes!
We got home and saw that his Hurtta winter jacket had come in the mail!
It will keep him nice and warm when he's playing in the snow in Tahoe. If needed, I can also put a sweater on him underneath -- I bought a new red and grey one to match his coat!
It covers his belly properly, and there are straps in the back which go under his legs, to keep the back of the coat in place.
Look at those bat ears!


  1. I considered getting a Hurtta coat for Elli, too, for our move to MT, but, as it turns out, she prefers naked (+boots) to having a jacket on. :) Cai looks damn adorbs in his jacket, though! I imagine he'll do the snow-leaping thing because he's so tiny. *MUST* see video!!

    1. Cai's the opposite of Elli -- he didn't mind running over the cold snow, but he was shivering very quickly. So far he hasn't wanted to walk over snow that sunk under him, only the snow that was frozen enough for him to walk over. But I will have my camera ready this weekend. :)

      I've been complaining about the cold because the weather has been in the high 40s/low 50s for the past couple of days. I couldn't survive in Montana!!