Sunday, November 18, 2012

Visit from Kira.

Saturday was Puppy Social and then my last day of work at the daycare. Chimera will still go to daycare sometimes if I'll be out all day or if I need a day off.

Today his friend Kira the Yorkie visited. I'm going to take care of her for a weekend in December, and this was the first test run to make sure she'd do well. She was excited to meet Jasper but was polite, and he wasn't bothered by her presence. Cai of course wanted to play and play and play. Which they did, quite a bit:

Playing on my lap.
Eventually they settled down and chewed on bully sticks. Chimera kept wanting to take the bully stick that Kira had, because it was obviously the better one. He also guarded his sticks and treats from her. Here's a rare moment of them chewing without bugging each other:
Good dogs.
Eventually Cai got tired enough from playing that he crashed and I put him in his crate for two hours.

Cai has suddenly become leash reactive toward other dogs during this past week. Rather than just watching the other dog go by or pulling toward it, he now growls and alarm barks. Left unchecked, this would blossom into a huge problem, but of course I am going to start redirecting and rewarding calm looking right away. I had already been rewarding him for looking at me instead and walking by my side instead of pulling toward the dog, so this caught me completely off guard.

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