Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daycare, hiking, PetCo

Who, me?
Today Chimera Monstra is four months old!

Yesterday I sent Chimera to daycare for the entire day and ran around doing errands. In the evening I ended up with an extra hour before I had to pick him up, and I took advantage of the rare opportunity to settle on the bed with a book and a mug of tea. It's often I can do anything without constant interruptions and keeping one eye on the puppy. He ate chicken all day again and the daycare staff reported that his stool was soft but not diarrhea.

Prancing in his sleep.
Today I let myself sleep in and took Cai on my daily dog hike rather than giving him a separate outing and then leaving him home. He was happy to see his chihuahua friend and once again they ran around me in circles. I made sure that he didn't eat any of the other dogs' treats. I did give him a few handfuls of his regular food (RealMeat, beef flavor) and let him nibble at an apple.

Fluffy tail!
What's down there?
He napped after the hike, and then we headed to PetCo in hopes of seeing other on leash dogs and working on his reactivity. Alas, there were other customers, but none brought dogs. So we worked on his obedience tricks instead, and made me quiet proud. He did beautiful stretches of short heeling. We also worked on sitting in front, down-stays, baby pivots at my side, and he picked up his dumbbell from my hand. He also walked at my side on a loose leash all around the store, once he realized that I was giving chicken for it. It helped that he was quite hungry -- he hasn't been getting as many calories as usual for the past few days, and I think I can feel his bones more. If the diarrhea doesn't start up again tonight, he'll get a regular portion of his RealMeat food tomorrow.


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