Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First off leash hike.

Chimera did well at home on Monday, but to be able to handle another three hours alone on Tuesday, I wanted him to be quite tired. In the morning I took him for his first off leash hike at the park at the Berkeley Marina.

Ears UP!
He stuck close by, his recall was great (only didn't call off when he was within a few feet of a small group of people and then a dog), and he kept up a quick pace for nearly an hour. I didn't mean to walk for so long, but the park was bigger than I'd expected.
Chapparal landscape.
Yes, he was ready to sleep when we got home! However, after I got back from my dog walks, he was full of energy again. He barked a lot while I showered. He spent the afternoon racing around the apartment, and harassing Jasper more than usual. In the evening we took a trip to my sister's in San Francisco, and he couldn't settle down at all, even to chew on his bully stick.

I realize now that he got too much rest on Monday afternoon/evening, and he can't handle having two "quiet" days in a row. If I had worn him out the previous day, he might have been okay on Tuesday.

Today I sent him off to daycare in the morning. I let him spend the entire day there so that I could run errands without worrying about him. Tomorrow he'll be home alone again.

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