Friday, November 16, 2012

Run run off leash!

Yesterday morning I took Chimera to the Berkeley Marina again. He zoomed around like a rabbit the moment the leash was off:

Can't wait to do agility with him!!

In the evening we visited my sister. He was well-behaved -- no potty accidents, spent a lot of time chewing on his bully stick, and played with his toys.

Today I got a call from the vet -- his titer results came in and confirmed that he is fully vaccinated against distemper and parvo. No need for the third puppy shot.

This morning I had to drive the East Bay Regional Parks District office in Chabot Park to get my dog walking permit. (I've actually already been doing dog walking for a few weeks, but I stuck to UC Berkeley fire trails rather than EPRPD land.) When the appointment was done, Cai got another opportunity to run around. The moment he saw the open space in front of him, he started pulling and even whining when he was trapped by the leash. We made it through about 20 feet of leash walking practice, and then I was bored and let him run. He did the same thing as yesterday -- racing forward a good 50-70 feet, then turning around and racing back.

Since it was his second day in a row staying home while I was out hiking dogs, and I hadn't been sure how much running around time or playtime he'd have, I had a dog walking friend drop in while I was out doing my own dog walking. He got a 30 minute walk with a big, tattooed, pierced, bearded man. Great socialization!

In the evening we went to Point Isabel, another large, off leash open space. It was already dark so there were very few other dogs or people around. We hung out for an hour with a fellow trainer, Janette, and her dog Brooky.

At bedtime I found that he had his very first mat, because he'd somehow gotten poop into the fur under his ear. Blech! He was not happy about me pulling it apart and brushing it out. Fortunately with my friends Scrambled Egg and Bacon we made it through the ordeal.

We practiced crating for short periods while I was doing laundry and such. He barked quite a bit. He's better if I frequently go back into the room to give him treats for being quiet.

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