Sunday, October 21, 2012

Puppy social, choose to heel, early bedtime.

Today was one of my super long workdays, so no field trip. However Chimera did get to attend our Puppy Social! He mostly played with a tiny yorkie who is 20 weeks old and fierce and wore him out. He spent the day in one of the dog rooms rather than in the offices. I talked to my boss and we agreed that the flea infestation must be in the offices, rather than in my apartment. (Though I'm still glad that I treated our home to prevent them from settling in here, too.)

After work I took Cai into a small penned area and did a "choose to heel" game, walking in a big circle to the left and rewarding him every time he happened to come within two feet of heel position. After a little while he seemed to catch on, but I kept going for too long and he lost interest. Very common training mistake, and one that I am not immune to.

I put Cai into his crate a bit early for bedtime. Usually I let him run around and be crazy with his toys until he passes out. I could see him slowing down so I went ahead and put him away. He's done a bit of whining off and on, but not too loud, and he's trying to find a comfortable sleeping spot in between the fits. He needs to learn how to calm himself down.

Both ears are making an attempt to stand up, but failing halfway.

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