Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pictures, and training update.

After the obedience lesson yesterday, Chimera and I napped, and then my sister visited. Cai already loves Auntie Agnes, because she's always excited to see him, but handles him in a gentle and dog-friendly way.

He likes to lie on our feet while chewing.
 We spent the evening catching up and giving Cai lots of love.

How could anyone resist that face?
Sleeping on a duffel bag.
Today I had to leave him at daycare while I hiked with client dogs. I'm hoping that in a few weeks he'll be able to stay at home while I'm out for a few hours. This afternoon I put him in his crate when he was tired, and he slept while I showered and then went outside and gardened. He was still sleepy when I woke him up and pulled him out. I will be crating him and leaving him alone for longer periods soon, or for short periods when he's more awake.

A couple of pictures from daycare, blurry because they were taken with my camera phone:
The terrier mix is one of his best buds.
On our way home from work, we stopped at a local pet store and I let him walk around and sniff, and we did a little heeling practice. He got treats from the store owner.

The rest of the day was spent quietly at home. He played with Jasper a lot. We did a number of little training sessions -- handling, go to mat, lie down, dumbbell, failed foot targeting, nose target, jumping up and hitting an open drawer to close it, don't eat the treat container, putting front feet on a balance disc, and rewarding sits when he offered them. Lots of fun stuff! I need to start working on crate games and tooth brushing.

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