Friday, March 15, 2013

Video of Owen and Chimera playing

From 03/18, an extremely dizzying video of Chimera playing with Owen the Cardigan Welsh Corgi:


  1. Aww, friends!! I love all the little breaks they take and then jump into spontaneous play again. Precious. Elli likes to be the chasee too. :)

    I can't remember if you said whether or not his resource guarding has diminished at all. Just wondering if the addition of something toy-like would change this type of situation at all. Elli's gotten weird about even just a stick she's been chewing on for 30 seconds sometimes with other dogs.

    1. His resource guarding is better with me (although it's still a problem), but it's the same with other dogs. If he had a toy that he liked, he would probably try to run away with it, and growl and/or bark at Owen if O got too close. Sometimes he's a total jerk about toys -- with his friend Jacques and with my cat, he'll pick up a toy or chewie, carry it over to the other animal, and then snark at them. He'll also intentionally move to block the cat's path and then continue guarding a chewie, so Jasper can't even get by him. I just manage around the guarding.