Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick summary

You know you're in trouble when your Malinois-owning friend comes over and comments that your dog is "busy" and has "trouble settling".

There hasn't been much to report here. We're taking a three week class called Strength, Balance, and Body Awareness from Braveheart Dog Training. We do some stretching, cavalettis, and peanut and pilates disc work. Not anything that new for Chimera, but fun and always good to practice.

We're puttering around in our training; trying to keep up with agility class and dabbling in obedience and tricks and handling work. I'm in a super busy period and don't have as much time to play with Cai or take him on as many trips as I would like.

We did a BAT session on Saturday and it was the best one so far. Cai was willing to eat chicken for most of the session, and he only barked a few times. When we were about twenty feet away he seemed to think, "Oh, forget about it", and was still watching the decoy dog curiously and intently, but wasn't reactive anymore. We ended with parallel walking and even crossing each other in opposite directions, about twenty feet apart.

This is Luke the mastiff mix, Saturday's BAT decoy:

Later this week, Jacques the Papillon will be staying with us for a few days while his momma is in the hospital for surgery. Prepare for shenanigans.

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