Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clicker Expo 2013: Susan Friedman: PARROT

P - power
behavior is the power animals have to control their environment
behavior is a tool to affect your own outcomes
studies show that babies and animals are happier, bolder, more active if they have control over their environment (ie, baby mobiles would spin when babies lifted their heads)
animals evolved to work for their food
learned helplessness has pathological outcomes: ulcers, illness, eating less, increase in blood pressure, more stuff I didn't have time to write down
empower more, impose less
power to say "no"!

A - approximations
key to new behavior is reinforcing sequence of smaller approximations
people expect too much, and if animal fails, force is the go-to solution
who raises the criteria? behavior in an operant class is naturally variable; variability of response provides opportunity to reinforce responses that more closely approximate the target behavior

R - reinforcement
the ability to learn, ie, to change what we do, based on experience, is our nature
reinforcement is not manipulation or bribes, but essential feedback about how to behave in the future
learning: behavior change due to experience
schedules of reinforcement matter
behind many behavior problems is a very lean reinforcement schedule

R - repetition
high ROR (rate of reinforcement) across different conditions builds reliable behavior
people tend to underestimate how much repetition is needed
bonus outcome of repetition: big trust accounts
don't underestimate trust account and history of reinforcement

O - observable
objective understanding of behavior - focus on what you see - behavior and conditions
behavior is what animals do, not what they are
there are no problem behaviors, there are problem situations, on which behavior is just one element
test what you think you know

T - teaching
see teaching opportunities where others see punishment opportunities
misbehavior is a lack of information, motivation, or practice
animals learn something with every interaction
"it's not about teaching impressive behavior, it's about impressive teaching of behavior"

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  1. I'm so jealous that you go to hear Susan Friedman lecture! I love her!