Friday, November 11, 2016

Tricks update

I've been getting back to teaching Chimera more complex tricks that require extra body awareness. (We had taken a break from those while he was on restricted activity for his leg injuries.) Some of the fun tricks we've been practicing are:
  • Dig
  • Limp
  • Crossing Paws
  • Pawstand with his back feet up on my arm (something he used to be scared to do)
  • Side passes in front
  • Weaving backwards through my leg
  • Doing backwards circles around me while I turn in the opposite direction
  • Turning 180 degrees from Front
  • Getting into smaller and smaller bowls
  • Holding unusual objects, especially rags, paper, and other light objects that are a challenge for him to hold steady without shaking them
We've been visiting Sherry frequently and he's loving the opportunity to RUN off leash. Today we took the opportunity to record our first attempt at a TEAM1 title in Sherry's living room. I'm not sure whether we passed - I'll post the video here with details once we get feedback.

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