Monday, October 24, 2016

Finally healed!

Chimera's chiropractor had said that he was pretty much healed up when we saw her two weeks ago, and it's now been confirmed by the rehab vet. He still grumbled at her when she pressed very hard into his groin/inner thigh area, but she said that he's 90% back to normal.

I took him to my friend Sherry's fenced in field on Friday and today, and he was SO happy to be allowed to run and run and run off leash. We also went on an off leash hike yesterday, which consisted of little running but plenty of fast trotting this way and that.

I can ask him to do more challenging freestyle and obedience movements again, such as pivots, sidesteps, backing up, backwards circles, bows, fold back downs, and so on. We can also do retrieves at a distance since it's okay for him to run toward the dumbbell.

And we can play tug and ball! I just have to be careful on the hardwood floor.

We are both much happier now.

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