Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First trip to rehab vet

We had an appointment with Dr Yamamoto at the Canine Rehabilitation Center in Walnut Creek. We went over Chimera's history and the notes from Dr Wallace. I told her that I thought I remembered Dr Wallace saying that the iliopsoas strain was in his right leg, but I noticed while brushing him over the past few days that he was definitely more sensitive with his left leg. She felt him up and said that BOTH legs were injured. She said that his hamstrings and quads in both legs were also tight and sore. The one good thing is that both knees are fine. Oy.

She recommend cold laser therapy twice a week. She estimated treatment would take about 2 months, assuming that there is no incidence of re-injury, which is common with iliopsoas strains. We are continuing the restricted activity protocol.

The laser machine made loud beeping noises which made Cai uncomfortable. The tech, Tracy, was patient with him. I held the laser wand (turned off) and did some quick reps of rewarding for exploring it, then allowing me to touch him with it. He still was wary when Tracy took over, but by the end he was calmly standing still and looking at me for 5 seconds between treats. I should have used the bucket game but I had been so worried and rushed this morning that I'd forgotten the bowl and even my own treats!

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