Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More agility and rally-free practice

Last weekend was busy for Chimera. We went to the Boxing Day agility match hosted by Jump'n Java on Saturday, then to rally-free/freestyle practice hosted by REDD on Sunday.

Agility went well except for Cai doing the teeter fine twice, then bailing the third time, then not wanting to go onto it at all. With weaves he also did them perfectly twice, then started skipping random poles (not the last two, which have been a consistent problem). I suspect a physical issue, and will schedule a visit to his chiropractor as soon as they open again in the new year.

He focused well for about 6 minutes of "ring time" in San Lorenzo DTC's building, then became increasingly distracted by smells / needed a break. After that he was pretty much done with training, even after a break. Tired pup!

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