Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clicker Expo 2014: Leanne Falkingham & Lori Guyr: The Transformers (Training Shelter Dogs)

enrichment as important as training

typical shelter dog: adolescent (6 months - 2 years), energetic, untrained, medical status - undervaccinated

length of stay for dogs and cats increasing with popularity of no-kill shelters; increased need for trainers

benefits of clicker training for dogs and cats: promotes humane treatment; prevents frustrations and stereotypies

what to teach to benefit new owners: sit, crate training, handling, eye contact (not to name, since may change), taking treats gently
to benefit staff: barking-quiet in kennel, jumping up
in house behaviors: hand targeting, barrier frustration-alternate behaviors, in kennel shaping

jumping and mouthing - common and persistant behavior in shelter dogs - always work on it

platform training - helpful for dogs who jump and mouth

jumping dog:
give treats as dog approaches
ask for sit as dog approaches
call dog, ask for sit

initial assessment training
look for offering behaviors the dog already knows (makes dog happy to get known behavior rewarded - comforting, familiar)
watch out for poisoned cues
c/t eye contact, hand target, platform, LLW, interacting with objects

They brought in a handful of shelter dogs and did quick assessments of the dog's emotional state and personality while C/Ting any of the above behaviors.

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