Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Agility check in

After the long breaks between classes over the fall/winter holidays, it's good to be back into the swing of things. I'm doing a series of private sessions with Sandy Rogers to build up Chimera's confidence on the teeter. His weave poles are much better since I had that open practice session all to myself, and set up 2x2s slightly off-set so he could practice the correct stride. He still sometimes loses his rhythm and skips a pole, but it's becoming less frequent. Our main issue now is collecting as he enters the poles, or he'll shoot past the second/third poles and then start striding properly.

During class today he repeatedly blind crossed me to go into the poles. The dog tells us where he finds value, eh? We will try to work on that.

The course today involved a lot of running in a straight line for me. Blancett used to encourage me to run faster. Now I'm running as fast as I can, and Cai is also running faster, and I got winded so quickly! Back when I was doing agility with Dragon, we would go jogging/walking through Redwood Park twice a week, and it was easier to keep up with him. Guess I need to increase my exercise regimen!

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