Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sleeping on the bed

Chimera got to spend the night on the bed with me for the first time last night. He had previously always slept in a crate, because I didn't trust him not to potty or chew something up during the night. I'm a heavy sleeper. But last night, I was reading before bedtime, and he was falling asleep next to me, and I had the feeling that it was a good night to try it. He was tired and seemed like he would sleep through the night on the bed. And he did. He moved from place to place on the bed, but he never left it. In the morning he went outside and peed and pooped. I was a proud momma. And it felt wonderful to feel him curled up next to me here and there. He slept mostly against my back or near my head. What a sweetie. That said, he'll still mostly be sleeping in his crate, unless on another evening I have the feeling that the time is right again.

I took Cai along when I stopped by Pollinate, a local urban farming store, a few days ago. There was no one else in the store besides the owner and my friend. Cai pulled a lot to sniff, but otherwise was well behaved. Good boy.

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