Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet the Norwiches, and more pictures

Chimera is now one year old, maturing, slowly settling down, becoming less reactive, and doing well in his agility and other training. I've started thinking that next spring or summer, it will probably be a good time to bring home my next dog. I know that Cai would love to have a sibling to play with. I just want to wait until his reactivity is even better and hopefully he is trialing in agility, so that we're past the intensive skill-building training.

I love Papillons, but I'd like to have a small dog with a different disposition, as that will help me develop into a better trainer. I think my heart is set on a terrier. I may go through rescue and get a little "terrier-y" dog. However I loved raising a puppy and may go through a breeder again. I'm particularly interested in a Norwich Terrier, and this past weekend I went to a local agility trial to meet a Norwich Person. Of course I took pictures! Click on any picture to see it pop up in a bigger size, although they were taken with my iPhone and are mostly kinda blurry.

Kizzy was the cutest.
Kizzy saying hello to Ella.
Magic doing obedience.
I don't remember this one's name. :(
Razzy again.

Cai being sad that someone else is holding him and I'm holding a different dog. :( :( :(

Also, here's a random Sheltie who was so beautiful that I had to take a picture:
So pretty!

Cai barked at other dogs here and there, especially small ones that he wanted to play with. Other than a couple of fearful barks at a big Saint Bernard that was pottying next to us, all of the barking was clearly frustrated "I want to play!" It wasn't too difficult to redirect him and overall I'm pleased with how he did.

Back at home, I spent the rest of the day in bed with a cold. Chimera likes to climb on my chest whenever I lie down.
That's my nose and chin at the bottom.

Here's another picture of him being cute:

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