Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Agility 4.1 summary

Halfway done with the Beginner Series now! We've started on weave poles. The instructor is showing is the 2x2 method, but also setting up guide wires and x-pens on a set of 6 so we can practice both ways. I made my own set of 3 pairs of 2x2s over the weekend, and had already done a couple of shaping sessions to build value for going between the poles. I started rotating through different entry angles, but the instructor pointed out that I needed to back up a bit and get Cai really driving to the poles first - he was only going forward with a body cue from me.

We did a rear cross drill, a u-shaped tunnel and then rear cross over a jump. Cai did this perfectly, even when my timing was a bit off. I was so proud!

After another 2x2 session, we practiced the 6 poles with guides. Cai has trouble moving ahead without my body language to help him - definitely something we need to work on!!

Finally we did a simple 180 with jumps, but Cai kept sniffing the ground for treats instead of wanting to jump. I put him up early.

He was better about me being away from his crate. I would shush him when he did start barking. For many dogs, turning back to them and talking to them would reinforce their barking, but for Cai I can see that it's helping him understand what I want and get himself back under control before the barking fit gets too crazy.

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