Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend in Tahoe

We spent the weekend with my parents and sister at their place by Lake Tahoe. Chimera has been enjoying it muchly. Everyone has taken turns playing with him, and he's gotten an hour plus long off leash hike both days. I also had time to do more training with him than I've had in a long time: heeling, stand for exam, dumbbell retrieve, retrieve over jump, stays, backing up, circling around me backwards, and one jump work: sends, push throughs, and serpentine. So fun!!

He also spent a lot of time barking at noises outside and on TV, and at the vacuum cleaner. Less fun.

Also, carrying around his chewies, looking for the perfect spot to "hide" them, leaving them, and after a few minutes retrieving them and starting over again.

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